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Saturday, 19 March 2011

We're moving...

This will be the final post from this blog asI have created a new, fantastical, even more amazing blog to use. Please bookmar and follow it! See you there!



Monday, 20 December 2010

Young tallent?

I'v come across a group of extremely tallented young artists and I've known them for a while! They draw a comic called "The Wizzo".

I just thought I'd tell you all so you can see their work and they'll get a bit of recagnition.

You can find their art here: http://wizzo-comic.deviantart.com/
and here: http://the-wizzo-comic.deviantart.com/

Please post your opinions here and I'll tell them!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Blimey! Hasn't Korky changed?!

Well, along with Desperate Dan, Korky the Cat is the longest running dandy character, starting in the first issue! But as you would imagine, he's changed in just over 73 years - DRAMATICALLY!

Here is his first appearance in issue 1 of the Dandy:
And here's the new korky. This is part of the full page korky to appear in the xmas special:
Korky is now blue, much shorter and fatter. He is now only usually in a 3 frame strip compared to the nine frames of 1939. It's hard to imagine he's the same cat, but hey, he's looking good for 73 years! In fact, he looks younger now in my opinion!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Walkthrough of a 50's Comic Part 1 of 3

For any of you guys who haven't got a 50's comic, this could prove interesting, and for those who have, this should still be worth looking at.

I'll give you a page by page guide of issue 481, dated October 6th 1951 (cover pictured below)
The cover features Biffo the Bear saving a girl's life, only to realise it was a doll. This piece was drawn by Dudley.D.Watkins, legendary D.C.Thomson artist.

Here's Page 2:
Here we have a Dennis story which probably wouldn't be acceptable today, as Dennis and curly are playing with fireworks in this one. This strip was drawn by David Law.
The next strip is Maxi's Taxi. In this one he's fed up of people asking questions for free so he makes them pay! Sneaky, eh. This was Maxi's penultimate strip, the strip had started in 1947. Art by George Drysdale.

Now for page 3 (Sorry, the scanner missed the title):
In this Lord Snooty, the twins Snitch and Snatch find an old manuscript telling them They can collect 6 old pence from anyone who crosses the old bridge to Bunkerton. But they are caught out because they don't realise they have to use the mony to treat their friends to a banquet. This strip was illustrated by D.D.Watkins.

Here comes page 4....
I'll leave you with a little cliffhanger on this one...
Art: Jack Glass

Part 2 coming soon...

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Beano Puzzles History

Puzzles Have been a part of the beano for many years, here is a brief history:

It started with a small collection of puzzles, fitted ono 1/3rd of a page, sitting happily underneath Dennis in this example from 1958, Krazy Korner:

 You may also notice it's slogan is,'Fun For All and All For Fun!' Little did they know morw than 50 years later this would be more associated with the dennis strip above, as one of Dennis' many catchphrases!

This idea was stuck to right up until the seventes, the only changes being the name and the 1/3rd of a page had been increased to half a page. Here is teaser time, taken from a 1971 beano:

This format soon dissappeared and puzzles became absent from the beano. Then It brings us to nowerdays where you'll have the occasional wordsearch taking up the whole page. An example is a very recent puzzle. It could've easily been fitted into half a page but they decided to use two. What a waste of paper!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Something You Wouldn't See Today...

I've been rooting through some old Dandys and found a comic you wouldn't see today:
This is called Merry Marvo and his Magic Cigar from the Dandy issue No.320 June 8th 1946


Monday, 29 November 2010

The 2nd Dennis

I'm sure you're all familiar with what the first Dennis the Menace strip looks like, but few of you will have seen the second one. So I decided to show it to you, since it's in my collection!
Here it is:

Copyright D.C.Thomson 1951