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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Beano Puzzles History

Puzzles Have been a part of the beano for many years, here is a brief history:

It started with a small collection of puzzles, fitted ono 1/3rd of a page, sitting happily underneath Dennis in this example from 1958, Krazy Korner:

 You may also notice it's slogan is,'Fun For All and All For Fun!' Little did they know morw than 50 years later this would be more associated with the dennis strip above, as one of Dennis' many catchphrases!

This idea was stuck to right up until the seventes, the only changes being the name and the 1/3rd of a page had been increased to half a page. Here is teaser time, taken from a 1971 beano:

This format soon dissappeared and puzzles became absent from the beano. Then It brings us to nowerdays where you'll have the occasional wordsearch taking up the whole page. An example is a very recent puzzle. It could've easily been fitted into half a page but they decided to use two. What a waste of paper!


  1. Don't forget that they did end up launching specialised puzzle mags - the Beano Puzzle Book libraries in the 80s, and the present day Dennis & Gnasher Puzzles. The Fun-Size Beano would also often carry puzzles, although many of these were reprinted pages from the Beano Puzzle Books.

  2. Yeah I was just talking about the ones in the comic and also ones that I had examples on.
    Thanks for the help! :D

  3. The Beano has the occasional puzzle but I never do them... I hate ruining my comics.... I like them in neat condition....

  4. Samez! I occasionaly work 'em out on sum paper if I'm REALLY bored!

  5. I did all the questions in the Dennis and Gnasher Puzzles while on the plane off to Cyprus earlier this year... Pretty good selection really :)