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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Blimey! Hasn't Korky changed?!

Well, along with Desperate Dan, Korky the Cat is the longest running dandy character, starting in the first issue! But as you would imagine, he's changed in just over 73 years - DRAMATICALLY!

Here is his first appearance in issue 1 of the Dandy:
And here's the new korky. This is part of the full page korky to appear in the xmas special:
Korky is now blue, much shorter and fatter. He is now only usually in a 3 frame strip compared to the nine frames of 1939. It's hard to imagine he's the same cat, but hey, he's looking good for 73 years! In fact, he looks younger now in my opinion!


  1. So happy he's got a strip! Can't wait for Christman issue!!!!

  2. I picked up a copy recently (curiosity got the better of me after 30 years and the 'X-Factor' cover was really eye-catching). Most of the strips looked great and I'm quite smitten by the new look Korky but loathe the mess they've made of the whole Desperate Dan strip.

  3. Actually that 'mess' they've made of Desperate Dan has been going for 2-3 years so not that recent....

  4. The new dan is marmirte. Some like it, some don't! It's a little messy but very original, and I can see why it doesn't go down too well with people who read the comic 20 or 30 years ago...
    Ah, well! Most kids like it I guess otherwise they'd have probably scrapped it by now, after 2 to 3 years as wizzkid pointed out!

  5. If the kids didn't like Jamie's version of Dan, it probably would've been dropped... in fact, I hear it almost was.

  6. Jamie's Desperate Dan is fantastic, funny and a good read, I look forward to read Desperate Dan because I find Jamie's version fantastic...