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Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Walkthrough of a 50's Comic Part 1 of 3

For any of you guys who haven't got a 50's comic, this could prove interesting, and for those who have, this should still be worth looking at.

I'll give you a page by page guide of issue 481, dated October 6th 1951 (cover pictured below)
The cover features Biffo the Bear saving a girl's life, only to realise it was a doll. This piece was drawn by Dudley.D.Watkins, legendary D.C.Thomson artist.

Here's Page 2:
Here we have a Dennis story which probably wouldn't be acceptable today, as Dennis and curly are playing with fireworks in this one. This strip was drawn by David Law.
The next strip is Maxi's Taxi. In this one he's fed up of people asking questions for free so he makes them pay! Sneaky, eh. This was Maxi's penultimate strip, the strip had started in 1947. Art by George Drysdale.

Now for page 3 (Sorry, the scanner missed the title):
In this Lord Snooty, the twins Snitch and Snatch find an old manuscript telling them They can collect 6 old pence from anyone who crosses the old bridge to Bunkerton. But they are caught out because they don't realise they have to use the mony to treat their friends to a banquet. This strip was illustrated by D.D.Watkins.

Here comes page 4....
I'll leave you with a little cliffhanger on this one...
Art: Jack Glass

Part 2 coming soon...